Monday, April 21, 2014

Justice for the Dead!

I recently picked up a great collection of Rip Kirby comic strips and liked the art so much I checked to see if I had anything featuring illustrations by John Prentise in my horror collection. Lucky for us, I found this nicely produced supernatural crime spooker from the June-July 1951 issue of Black Magic Vol. 1 #5  highlighted by his beefy, broad style. FYI: Trying to get this blog back on a consistent post schedule seems pretty much impossible these days with my own personal projects and work demands,--but I'm trying, hang in there!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

HAUNTED HORROR #10 / Prey for the Vampire Horde

After a brief hiatus, THOIA returns with glorious news of the release of HAUNTED HORROR #10 in stores today, including a tale featured from the issue-- it's a Lou Cameron bloodsucker classic originally presented in the September 1953 issue of The Beyond #22 (and originally featured here at THOIA way back in Sept 2007 too!) We should be getting things back on track here blogwise, so stay tombed for lots more, and if you pick up HH10 today drop us a line and let us know what you think! Get another story preview from HH10 by clicking HERE (thanks CBR!)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tales of Satanism / The Awful Letter

Pucker up and give us a farewell smooch, as we finish out March with another deadly double feature-- it's two short tales from ACG, both delving into demonic doings; the first story from the July 1952 issue of Forbidden Worlds #7 with art from King Ward, and it's your usual deal with the Devil gone wrong type set up, but contains a nice fat twist! The second icky incubi quickie is from the February 1953 issue of Forbidden Worlds #14 with weird art by Pete Riccia. FYI: I'll be taking a break in April with posting as I have a much larger but equally cool project in the works (news about it coming soon), so never fret, and definitely don't look at it as another awful letter-- it'll just be one more thing to add to your list of "must haves!"


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Paid in Full / Out of My Mind

Two stories from the Dec '51 issue of Astonishing #7, the first one possibly art credited to Harry Lazarus (looks like him to me), --and the second tale by John Romita! And how about that cool cover from the ever awesome Joe Maneely! My copy of this issue has definitely seen better days...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

19th Annual HAASHOW Highlights

Taking a quick breather from the comics for a bit with a handful of horror highlight photos I snapped at the 19th annual Halloween and Haunted Attractions Show here in STL last weekend (see more highlights from the 17th annual HAASHOW HERE!) The fine, frightening folks in the scare industry really know how to top themselves each and every year, making this show one of the most awesomely creepy convention experiences ever! Masks, costumes, props, concessions, you name it-- if it's part of your haunt then this show has got it! I also bought a cool Frankenskull mask from my pals at Trick or Treat Studios, --I even met actress PJ Soles and she signed my Carrie and Halloween dvds! Enjoy the pix, and find out more about HAASHOW by clicking HERE!

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